Addiction Prevention Program Expands In Indiana

Dec 21, 2018

A new substance abuse prevention program targeted primarily at teens is expanding in Indiana. 

Preventure is a new model that aims to address addiction through mental health assessment and tools.

Overdose Lifeline founder Justin Philips says the program uses a targeted approach to prevention.

"This program Preventure is selective," says Phillips. "We know personality traits do indicate high risk."

Phillips introduced the program in 13 Indiana high schools last year and a new grant enables the nonprofit to start training other organizations to use it. 

Kim Linkle works with the Coalition for A Drug Free Batesville. 

"We are seeing more and more mental health challenges and issues coming up and being reported from our sixth through 12th graders," says Linkle. 

Representatives from three Indiana counties attended a recent training.  Overdose Lifeline says the program could be used in child welfare programs or the criminal justice system.