All IN: School Referendums

Oct 31, 2019

This Tuesday is Election Day, and there's a good chance you'll see a school referendum on your ballot. Today on All IN, we break down how much money districts are asking for, what they want to do with it, and what is could mean for schools across the state.

We also talk about a new kind of referendum proposed by Carmel Clay Schools that focuses entirely on school safety. What kinds of safety initiatives would $40 million pay for? Are other schools focused on safety measures?

And what does it take to pass a referendum? We talk to an economist about why some referendums succeed, why some seem to fail, and what 10 years of data tells him about how things are changing.

Produced by Drew Daudelin.


Jeanie Lindsay
Education Reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Eric Weddle
Education Reporter, WFYI

Larry DeBoer
Professor and Extension Specialist in Agricultural Economics at Purdue University