Another Roaring '20s: Alcohol Consumption and Pandemic Spending

Apr 16, 2021

With thousands of Hoosiers getting vaccinated and the weather finally warming up, is another Roaring ‘20s upon us?

Today we talk about alcohol consumption, spending habits, and other binge behaviors we might’ve picked up since the pandemic. We talk to experts that have researched alcohol use during the height of the pandemic and how people in recovery have survived the last year. We also dissect spending habits and binge behavior, both with a look back and forward.

Plus, a look into pro wrestler with a former pro wrestler based in Indiana days before Wrestlemania.

Produced by Tim Brouk.


Melissa Cyders
Associate Professor of Psychology at IUPUI

Rick Wilk
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Anthropology specializing in consumer culture at IU Bloomington 

Billy Logsdon
Retired professional wrestler based out of Lafayette, Indiana