Anti-Trump Rally During Speech Protests Foreign, Domestic Issues

Sep 27, 2017

More than 100 protesters gathered outside the Indiana State Fairgrounds Wednesday to give President Donald Trump an unwelcome greeting to the Hoosier State.

Not allowed inside the fairgrounds gates, the protesters stood along the street outside, holding signs that featured messages protesting anything from health care to tax cuts for the wealthy.

Joseph Feasel traveled from Fort Wayne. He was enthusiastic about what he viewed as the protest’s diversity.

“We got a guy with an acoustic, we got pink signs, yellow signs, white signs… all signs… just like all lives matter,” says Feasel.

Mark Smith is with the local chapter of the group Back On My Feet, which combats homelessness. He addressed the reason Trump visited Indianapolis – tax reform.

“Trump’s plan for trickle down economics 2.0 it’s the same plan that’s failed this country for the last 30 years,” says Smith.

Black Lives Matter activist Gloria Vaughn’s worries cover both foreign and domestic issues.

“I’m concerned about the antagonism that is directed towards North Korea that could get us in a nuclear war,” says Vaughn, “I’m concerned about health care, I’m concerned that he is a nasty, angry man.”

Annette Gross has attended a number of anti-Trump protests in recent months.

“The reason I come to these events is to make things better, not to make things worse, if these people didn’t care they wouldn’t be here,” says Gross.

The group represented about 10 different local social activist organizations, including Black Lives Matter and Indiana Moral Mondays.