Approved Amendment Would Allow Projectiles In School Shooter Training

Apr 11, 2019

A new amendment approved by lawmakers Wednesday would allow projectiles to be used during school active shooter training, if employees consent in writing beforehand. The amendment is part of a bill that funds teacher firearm training.

The proposed change comes in response to an incident at an elementary school in Monticello, Indiana earlier this year, when teachers were injured after being shot with metal pellets.

Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond) proposed the amendment to allow for projectiles. He says it should be an option for this type of training.

“It’s got to do with reality, and making sure they experience the emotions and the adrenaline and everything that happens during the training, but it's not required,” Raatz says.

Raatz says training participants at the Monticello school were notified beforehand about the use of metal pellets. This contradicts what one teacher from the school told WFYI, that employees were unaware they would be shot during the training.

The Indiana State Teachers Union has pushed to ban the use of projectiles during school safety training.

Last week the same state committee approved an amendment on a different bill that would ban the use of projectiles during active shooter training. Both bills move now to the full Senate.