April 4, 1922

Nov 17, 2011

WBAA received its license to operate on this date, April 4, 1922, however there was no notice in the news until later in the month.

The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, April 4, 1922


Conference Radio News Service to Suspend Operations Next Week


The final test of the Western Conference Radio News Service will be made on next Monday evening. Atmospheric conditions are rapidly becoming worse, and the season for best radio operation is now over. In the test last night the Purdue station, 9YB, heard several stations call the central broadcasting station, WHA at the University of Wisconsin, but in each case they failed to get through. Purdue was heard at Wisconsin but could not be copied because of the static. Wisconsin with a powerful C. W. or continuous wave installation was easily readable in spite of the atmospherics.