Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton

Oct 30, 2014

The mayor contends his city is getting further in economic development processes, even if the area isn't landing many splashy outside investments.
Credit Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

Crawfordsville, like many cities in West Central Indiana, has a bit of an identity crisis. Do leaders follow the Lt. Governor’s motto of “rural is cool” or do they position themselves as the vanguard of technological expansion?

We ask those questions of Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton on this edition of Ask The Mayor, as well as how he plans to weigh those competing interests.

Also, as the city plots its course for the next few years, how important is getting a gleaming new investment each year? The county didn’t have one in 2014, and even the appearance of inertia can hamper a city’s chance of future investment.

There's also talk of elections – both this year’s and next year’s -- and whether Mayor Barton plans to seek a second term.