Ask The Mayor: Crawfordsville's Todd Barton On County Planning, Missing Train Grants

Dec 27, 2018

The City of Crawfordsville got *neither* the state's Local Trax grant nor the federal grant that state officials suggested they apply for instead. So is the city stuck with its train crossing delays?
Credit Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA News

Two of our regular guests on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor have been outspoken about the fact they think railroad companies have too much power and their cities don’t have enough recourse to stop trains from clogging intersections.

But neither Frankfort’s Chris McBarnes nor this week’s guest, Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, have seen their grant requests fulfilled to try to solve the problems with which their cities have been saddled. So what’s a city to do when railroads have all the power and cities little of the money?

Also on this week’s show, as Montgomery County catches up to its neighbors by preparing its first-ever comprehensive plan, what should Crawfordsville – the largest municipality in the county – be entitled to? And what about those wind turbines that county residents have battled over? Will they be allowed once the county finally has zoning ordinances to rely on?