Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes

Dec 18, 2014

Can billboards entice people to move to Frankfort? Mayor McBarnes hopes so.
Credit City of Frankfort

So much in city government revolves around money. If a city is flush with it, almost magical things can happen.

If, like Frankfort and many other municipalities, a city doesn’t have enough, it has to choose which to refurbish: city parks or city hall.

On this week's show, we ask how Frankfort will make that choice and where it might get more cash to make the decisions easier.

Also on this episode, Frankfort education leaders say their failing school grades are incorrect and they’re going to shock the world next year when their grades jump. Trouble is, all education pundits say grades are going to decline when tougher standards are adopted.

So, is the city setting reachable goals?