Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On Cleaning Up Homes, Drugs and Flooding

May 18, 2017

The mayor says owners of derelict homeowners are on a shorter leash -- but only after it took the city six years to threaten a couple of the worst offenders.
Credit City of Frankfort

Many months on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we focus broadly on the topic of cleanup when it comes to chatting with Frankfort’s Chris McBarnes. This month, we have a number of topics relating to that theme.

We ask Mayor McBarnes whether the city needs to take a harder line with its derelict properties, after one homeowner wasn’t brought before the city despite six years’ worth of complaints.

We also find out whether recent flooding that shut down several roads in the county has made the mayor reevaluate which of his streets need work first.

And, what’s to become of an aging water treatment plant – should the city try to repair or rebuild?