Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On The Future Of Humane Society Funding

Sep 20, 2018

McBarnes says he's prefer money the city gave to the Clinton County Humane Society for a "trap, neuter, release" program be returned -- if the shelter can find it.
Credit courtesy City of Frankfort

For the last month, Frankfort residents have been expressing their concern about the goings-on at the Clinton County Humane Society. After a well-liked director was fired, a community uproar began. What’s transpired since has led to questions not just about the shelter, but about how public funds are spent. This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, Frankfort’s Chris McBarnes weighs in.

A city council meeting Monday night will help determine whether Frankfort will continue to fund a trap, neuter, release program at the Humane Society. It may also shed light on a possible audit of the group’s cashflow. Without that, county funding will dry up.