Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On His Political Future

Jan 18, 2018

The mayor has adopted a "never say never" approach to forecasting his tenure in any political office -- either his current one or others.
Credit City of Frankfort

On what seems like an increasingly frequent basis, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes’ name is mentioned for other positions than the one he currently holds.

McBarnes declined to run in the special election for the Fourth Congressional District seat in 2016 when Todd Rokita ran for governor, couldn’t find much support from GOP leaders and then scampered back to his current job.

He wouldn’t enter the race to succeed Rokita as the congressman now seeks Joe Donnelly’s Senate seat.

And last month, when state senator Brandt Hershman announced he was moving to Washington, D.C., McBarnes again opted to stay in his hometown.

So does all the lack of moving add to the possibility he’ll seek a third term in next year’s municipal elections – a possibility he’s discounted until recently?

We address that and take your questions in this edition of WBAA’s Ask The Mayor.