Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On Moving Too Fast And Seeming Too Young

Feb 16, 2017

The mayor says he felt the city needed to move faster on economic development, so he pushed the city council to do all three readings of a piece of legislation in one sitting.
Credit City of Frankfort

Immigrants comprise a significant portion of Frankfort’s population – between a fifth and a quarter, according to the most recent census.

So on this “Day Without Immigrants,” is the city seeing an impact made by protests against the Donald Trump administration – and, by extension, against Mayor Chris McBarnes, who supported Trump in his election bid and said on WBAA that he thought his Latino constituents should vote for the real estate mogul?

We address that question today on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, as well as quizzing Mayor McBarnes about why he pushed for an abnormally quick restructuring of Frankfort’s Economic Development Commission – done in just one city council meeting.

Did it need to happen without much conversation, or did the city have to move fast to avoid missing another economic development opportunity?