Ask The Mayor: Frankfort's Chris McBarnes On What Kind Of A Year It's Been

Dec 21, 2017

It's been a rough year for Frankfort government, and there's a lot still in flux. So does that mean Chris McBarnes is considering seeking a third term in office?
Credit City of Frankfort

It’s been a year of turmoil for Frankfort city government.

The State Board of Accounts is investigating possible embezzlement by a former parks director.

The city has had to raise rates for both its electric service and water utility. And now a water filtration plant either needs a costly retrofit or a funeral.

And the city continues to struggle with the same sorts of drug problems many Indiana towns have – to the point where the local high school is planning random drug testing.

We’ll touch on all these topics today on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor conversation with Frankfort’s Chris McBarnes, and we’ll ask him to recap his year personally.

In a year which required an emergency room visit for a severe arm burn, what will the mayor take away from this year and into the next?