Ask The Mayor: Todd Barton On Crawfordsville Being Both Green And Very White

Sep 24, 2015

The mayor says he's had trouble recruiting a diverse group of people for the city's reconstituted human right commission.
Credit Courtesy Crawfordsville Mayor's Office

A new 20-acre solar park has opened in Crawfordsville – providing enough energy for a few hundred homes.

But even as the city is set for a transformation through the Stellar Communities program, it lacks a real identity. Could embracing alternative energy be a gateway to getting people to think of Crawfordsville as a “green” destination?

Also on this week’s program:

  • When the city repopulates its human rights commission, will it be diverse enough to address issues of racial disparity in Crawfordsville? We hear more from the mayor about the people volunteering to be a part of the panel.
  • What about detractors of the Stellar bid? Was there anyone rooting against it?
  • And when the city buries a time capsule as part of the bicentennial celebration, what will the mayor add to it?