Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis Backs Away From A Needle Exchange

Jul 6, 2017

West Lafayette's chief executive seemed an initial supporter of a needle exchange. But as it's become clear that his city may have to host at least a few visits by a mobile unit, the mayor has backed away from his earlier support.
Credit City of West Lafayette

If it seems to you that Tippecanoe County leaders have been talking forever about starting a needle exchange program, that’s just an illusion – it’s only been about eight months since the first approvals began.

But if it has seemed to you that in recent months support for such a program from some local leaders has waned, that may be true.

One such person is this week’s Ask The Mayor guest, West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis. He appeared to be an early supporter of the idea, but now says he can’t quite put his heart into supporting such a plan.

So on today’s show, we ask whether he’s looked at any of the data supporting creation of such programs.

Also on this week’s program, as money pours into West Lafayette and developers fall all over themselves trying to be the next group to get approval for a high-rise apartment building, we ask Mayor Dennis how the city will know when to stop such developments – and, with such a decision, stanch the torrent of cash now flowing in.