Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Leading Vs. Following

Mar 4, 2016

The mayor says he prefers the idea of a bipartisan redistricting commission to draw Indiana's legislative districts, not the non-partisan one the League of Women Voters recommends.
Credit City of West Lafayette

One of the traits of many mayors that is spoken of frequently but embodied less often is leadership. It’s a subject we spend some time on with West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis on this edition of Ask The Mayor. In what may be his last term in office, does he get in front of issues or just try to make operations run smoothly for his last four years?

Also on this week’s show, the League of Women Voters wants the Lafayette and West Lafayette city council presidents to lobby for a non-partisan redistricting commission.

But if they do lobby, will lawmakers even listen, or do they want to hear from mayors?

Can Mayor Dennis help Indiana lead on making a change only six other states have made?