Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Market Forces And Their Consequences

Jan 4, 2018

On this month's show: how one grocery store may say a lot about the ways in which State Street is changing West Lafayette's economy.
Credit City of West Lafayette

West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis has talked frequently about how what he calls “market forces” dictate which stores and shops locate in his city, more than any recruitment effort ever could.

So as the city council tries to grapple with the impending closure of the only full-service grocery store on the Purdue campus, we’ll ask Mayor Dennis what that says about an area whose economy is supposed to be booming.

On this week's edition of WBAA’s “Ask The Mayor,” we field questions about the first winter along the new State Street corridor. One listener says the new bike lanes are unsafe, being on one side only and so close to the street.

And with weather looking ready to snarl traffic as people return to campus Sunday and Monday, how will the street handle the “perfect storm” of slush and students?