Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Running For Governor

Aug 6, 2015

The mayor says his disdain for partisan rancor is one reason he doesn't plan to run for governor.
Credit City of West Lafayette /

Last month we took West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis to task a little bit about how he planned to spend money in his political war chest in a year where he doesn’t have an opponent. This month, we’ll take that line of questioning a little further and look ahead to 2016.

In a time of rampant partisanship that’s turning off voters left and right, why isn’t Mayor Dennis a sensible candidate for governor?

Last month, Mayor Dennis declared that he wasn’t a very political person – that the intricacies of running a race are less important to him than being a chief executive. His record bears that out.

So with both sides trying to stake claims to leadership positions and with voters tired of the same partisanship, the question for West Lafayette’s mayor seems to be: Why NOT run?