Ask The Mayor: West Lafayette's John Dennis On Snow Routes And Tax Draws

Dec 5, 2019

The mayor says the city has experimented with non-salt snow removal techniques, but isn't likely to complete switch away from brining the streets in the winter.
Credit WBAA News

The weather outside may not yet be frightful, but as cities prepare for it, there’s snow business like snow business. The City of West Lafayette hopes to stay frosty as it freezes drivers out of parking on some major streets when icy precipitation beckons.

And even if motorists can’t melt the hearts of parking enforcement officers, the city must still thaw out its thoroughfares. However, environmentalists have become increasingly salty in recent years about the standard methods of doing that, which they point out raises the salinity of nearby waterways. So what else beats a wintry mix?


This week on Ask The Mayor, we bundle up those topics with questions from listeners about politicians giving the cold shoulder to corruption and warming up to the idea of a tree bank.