Ask The Mayor: What West Lafayette's John Dennis Needs From A New Chauncey Hill Mall

Jul 12, 2018

The city will have to weigh nostalgia about the slightly run-down shopping center with hopes for future memories being made at something better.
Credit City of West Lafayette

We’ll know Friday evening what a week of public input has done to change the plans for a redeveloped Chauncey Hill Mall.

It’s perhaps the most valuable piece of land in West Lafayette, and Mayor John Dennis – our guest this week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor – will have to balance the desire for something a little more eye-catching, clean and modern with the nostalgia some people appear to have for a piece of property that’s never really lived up to its potential.

Also on this week’s show, two years ago, Mayor Dennis endorsed Sally Siegrist in her run to represent West Lafayette in the state legislature. But now that the representative is blocking people on Twitter after a couple social media missteps, will the mayor give his stamp of approval this time around?