Ask The Mayor: WL's John Dennis Says Biz 'Imperiled' But Not 'Hurt' By State Street

May 5, 2017

The mayor won't say businesses are closing because of the city's big road project, but he does say they're in danger. But are those statements contradictory?
Credit City of West Lafayette

As legislation season ends and a prolonged construction season begins in West Lafayette, the city faces challenges from multiple sides.

On one side is a bill which would have given cell phone companies carte blanche to put small cell towers almost anywhere they could find a utility hookup.

On the other are small business owners who say the city and Purdue University may benefit from State Street’s overhaul, but they’re being imperiled.

This week on WBAA’s Ask The Mayor, we ask West Lafayette’s John Dennis if he agrees with State Senator Brandt Hershman’s (R-Buck Creek) statement that cities like West Lafayette “over-reacted” when they legislated around the cell tower law.

And we inquire whether the city has any plans to help small business owners from being crowded out, priced out or knocked out by the years-long construction that’s head as the city builds the downtown it’s never had.