Back To Work Anxiety, COVID At The Dentist

Apr 16, 2021

How much of a role does anxiety play with the hesitancy some have to go back to work in person?

Today we talk to a mental health professional about how the pandemic has changed how safe people feel going back to work, and how to alleviate that anxiety. We also find out about the risks taken every time a dental procedure is performed during the pandemic. And we talk to the head of an organization planning an Earth Day event that's not on Earth Day.

Produced by Mariam Sobh.


Maria P. Hanzlik 
Clinical Psychologist and owner of Integrated Psychological Center of Indiana

Dr. Kelton Stewart
Chair of the Department of Orthodontics and Facial Genetics at Indiana University

Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch
Dean of the IU School of Dentistry

Dr. David Wolf
President, Indiana Dental Association

Greg Zeisemer
Executive Director, Earth Day Indiana