Broadcasting in the 1925-1926 School Year

Nov 17, 2011

The Purdue Exponent - Thursday, October 15, 1925

WBAA to Broadcast Program Tomorrow

Concert to Feature Agricultural Talk and Selections By White's Dance Orchestra.

WBAA will broadcast the first evening program of the school year from the university radio station Friday night, beginning at 7:15 o'clock. The program will consist of an agricultural talk by some member of the faculty, followed by a concert of dance numbers by White's orchestra, and reading by Miss Olive Stallard.

Two Programs Each Week.

According to present plans, there will be two evening programs offered each week during the school year. On each evening, the program will be opened with a short talk by some member of the university faculty. An engineering talk will be given on Monday night and an agricultural talk on Friday night at 7:15 o'clock. These talks will be followed by musical programs or other worth while entertainment.

Programs Scheduled.

Station WBAA being the experimental station of the university, will broadcast only items of university interests and programs furnished by those connected with the university.

A number of programs are already scheduled, but anyone desiring to appear on any of these programs should get in touch with E. L. Kelly, program director. Phone 2801.


The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, October 17, 1925

First Program of Year Broadcasted from WBAA Proves Very Successful.

Station WBAA opened its broadcasting schedule last night with a very successful program. White's Varsity Syncopaters, a student organization, proved successful with a program of orchestra selections. Miss Olive Stallard gave several entertaining readings and songs accompanied on the piano by her sister, Miss Marietta Stallard. William Herald gave a trombone solo; James Rust and Robert Wirscuing entertained with piano solos. The program closed with the singing of "Hail to Old Purdue" by the entire group. Over 50 telephone calls, both local and long distance, were received during the course of the program, praising the entertainers. Many favorable comments are also being received upon the market reports which are broadcasted every morning. Similar programs are planned for every Monday and Friday evening.


The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, November 14, 1925

Fans In East and West Hear WBAA

Gratifying results have been obtained by WBAA, the University radio broadcasting station, during the few years of operation and extensive plans have been made for improvement of programs and for the betterment of the present broadcasting set. Letters and telegrams have been received from all portions of the country complimenting the good programs of educational talks and musical numbers broadcasted.

Fans Send in Reports.

Reports have been received from the eastern coast especially, and numerous radio fans in New York City, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and scores of smaller towns signify by their reports that the programs are going out over the air and being received very clearly. The most frequent reports from points further west are being received from Omaha, Nebraska, and Denver, Colorado.

Regular Program.

The regular scheduled program of WBAA is being broadcasted every Monday and Friday nights, starting at 7:15 o'clock. The Monday evening program consists of engineering or industrial talks, and several musical numbers, while Friday evenings is devoted to agricultural talks on present day problems, followed by a musical program. All participants on the program are either students, members of the faculty or someone connected with the University in one way or another. Faculty members of the engineering schools usually are listed on the program for Monday night, and faculty members of the Agriculture school or members of the Agricultural Experiment Station staff present interesting talks on Friday night. All musical programs are given by student orchestras, glee clubs, and individual entertainers, or by persons connected with the work of the University by other means.

Athletic Events.

Boilermaker athletic events are also broadcasted from the local station play by play. All home football games have been transmitted over the country, and the station will operate during the entire winter months on nights of home basketball games, broadcasting them in detail.

Test Programs.

Test programs are carried on every Saturday night beginning at 12 o'clock midnight for the purpose of improving the broadcasting set. During this time of operation the station operates under the call of 9XE, which allows them the privilege of trying various wave lengths, and different wattages in experimental work. Only musical programs are sent out over the ether waves at this time, and receivers of the programs are asked to report to the local announcer how the program is coming in. By this way, the apparatus can be adjusted, so as to obtain the best results, but at present the station broadcasts the regular programs on 273 meters, using 250 watts power.

Market Reports.

Live stock market reports from Indianapolis are sent out at 9:50 o'clock every morning except Sunday. Also at this time agriograms as furnished by the United States Agricultural department, and weather reports for Indiana and surrounding states are given.