Broadcasting in the 1929-1930 School Year

Nov 17, 2011

The Purdue Engineer, Vol. 25, No. 3, p. 98, December 1929

J. S. Stafford Attends Telephone Conference in Chicago

J. S. Stafford, of the E. E. Department, recently made a trip to Chicago where he met C. H. Bergmann of the Stromberg-Carlson Telephone Mfg. Co. Mr. Stafford, while he was there, also made tentative plans for a telephone conference with R. V. Achatz, arranged with Mr. Staterman, chairman, for telephone conference for next month.

Mr. Stafford later visited the radio show at the Coliseum where he visited all the exhibits and talked with representatives.


The Purdue Exponent - Wednesday, January 28, 1930

University Reopens Radio Station WBAA

Better, More Powerful Equipment Replaces That Which Was Destroyed By Fire Last March.

Purdue's radio station, WBAA, which was  burned last March, will resume operations this week and broadcast the Loyola game Thursday night, it was announced yesterday on the return of Prof. C. F. Harding, head of the school of electrical engineering, from Washington. Prof. Harding brought with him the license issued by the Federal Radio commission to resume operations for the first time since the station was ruined last March by a costly studio fire.

While the entire station has been rebuilt with new and up-to-date equipment for a 1000 watt station, the permit as issued permits only the use of 500 watts, the former strength of the station. However, application is to be made this week to increase this to 1000 watts. Prof. J. W. Stafford, director of the station, said the new equipment which will be used in early morning test programs this week, will give the station several times the power of the old equipment which was destroyed by the blaze.

University authorities plan to resume the regular broadcasting schedule which includes basketball games as soon as possible. The station will operate on 1400 kilocycles and 314.2 meters, the same as before the fire.


The Purdue Exponent - Thursday, March 13, 1930

WBAA Changes Management; Placed On Activity Basis

Point System Will Be Used as in Other Activities--Positions Open on Announcing Staff.

Mr. J. W. Stafford, head of the University radio station, WBAA, announced last night that the station, which has heretofore been operated by students who were payed (sic.) for their efforts, will in the future be run on an activity basis as are the other organizations on the campus. The regular University activity point system will be used in connection with this work. The different positions will rate as follows: chief engineer, 10 pts.; commercial staff operators, 6 pts.; program manager, 6 pts.; assistant program managers, 2 pts.

Positions are open for program manager and assistants. Anyone who is interested in this kind of work and thinks he has the ability should report to Mr. Stafford at the radio station Friday night at 8 o'clock, directly after the finish of the evening's program. The applicants will be given a chance to demonstrate their ability and those who show the most talent will be selected for the various positions.