Broadcasting in the 1938-1939 School Year

Nov 17, 2011

The Purdue Exponent - Friday, September 16, 1938

Radio Stage On The Air At 1 Tomorrow

Beginning its fourth consecutive year on the air this Saturday afternoon, WBAA;s oldest program, "Radio Stage," will offer a special feature, "Auto-Humanitas," based on Karl Capek's drama, "R-U-R."

Presented in two parts, "Auto-Humanitas" will go on the air at 1 p. m. tomorrow for a 45 minute broadcast, and will be concluded in a similar presentation on the following Saturday.

A case exclusively radio-trained for this type of work will participate in the production. Patricia Heine and Joyce Burnham will handle the feminine leads, with Bill Carr, Jack Lane, Joe Martin, Bill Adams, Harold Martin, and Dick Pittinger completing the group.

"Prospects for 'Radio Stage' this year are marvelous," Sam Marks, director, said last night.


The Purdue Exponent - Friday, September 23, 1938

WBAA Introduces 'Purdue Scrapbook'

Prof. W. C. Aitkenhead, head of the agricultural engineering school, will play the leading role of "Old Timer," in the new WBAA program, "Purdue Scrapbook," it was announced yesterday by W. E. Ash, in charge of production.

Aitkenhead graduated from Purdue in 1902, and has been on the University staff for many years. Prof. H. G. Venemann, of the ME department, had the role when the "Scrapbook" was presented in the season of '34-'35. The part of "Hal" will be played by Clark Langworthy Che '39.

"Traditions," first of the "Scrapbook" series, will be presented this afternoon at 4:30. Script for the program was written by Helen Walters, Sci. '35.


The Purdue Exponent - Saturday, September 24, 1938

Radio Stage Will End Current Play Today

Radio State will bring its current thriller, "Auto-Humanitas," to a conclusion this afternoon, the program starting at 1:00 o'clock and continuing for a 30-minute broadcast over station WBAA.

Don Foust and Al Exton have been added to the cast to help carry the show to its conclusion. Other members of the cast are Patricia Heine and Joyce Burnham, who handle the feminine leads, and Bill Carr, Jack Lane, Joe Martin, Bill Adams, Harold Martin, and Dick Pittinger.

"Judging from this afternoon's rehearsal, this production promises to be one of the smash hits of the new Radio Stage series," said Director Sam Marks last night.


The Purdue Exponent - Tuesday, September 27, 1938

Playshop Enforces New 3.5 Regulation

Aspirants for position in any department in Playshop must meet a 3.5 scholastic rating this semester, organization officials announced last night. Although the campus-wide enforcement of the recent Senate-passed ruling will not apply to other student activities until the beginning of the second semester, Playshop has decided to put this policy into operation immediately.

While Playshop has in the past insisted on a 3.5 average for official positions, the present move will involve all individuals in any way connected with the organization, whether on the stage or behind the scenes. It will also apply to other Playshop-sponsored activities, such as Radio Stage, presented weekly over WBAA.

In announcing this ruling, officials of Playshop believe that any complications later in the school year will be avoided by immediate application of these standards.