Census Bureau Assures Public Their Information Is Safe

Feb 19, 2020

The upcoming census has sparked some concerns about the security of vulnerable populations, including immigrants. 

In Indiana, immigrants make up almost 5 percent of the population. And the state receives nearly $18 billion – more than $2,500 per person – in annual federal funding according to state data.

Speaking Indiana Public Broadcasting's All IN, Miriam Acevedo Davis, president and CEO of La Plaza in Indianapolis, says the U.S. Census Bureau is trying to address some of those concerns.

“Every time we’ve brought this up with the bureau, they’ve been very specific about the data is protected. The duty is to count all the people and that’s what the Census Bureau is trying to do,” Acevedo Davis says.

According to the American Immigration Council, more than 30 percent of immigrants in Indiana possess a college or higher degree. And immigrants make up nearly 8 percent of business owners and more than 9 percent of all engineering and architecture employees. 

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