Chris McBarnes Easily Wins Frankfort Mayoral Primary, Set For Third Term

May 7, 2019

McBarnes, now in his 30s, was the state's youngest mayor when first elected in 2011.
Credit City of Frankfort

After a contentious race centered around what Frankfort voters think about the city’s spending priorities, incumbent Mayor Chris McBarnes appears on his way to a third term in office.

McBarnes collected 1,358 votes Tuesday, easily eclipsing the 502 votes of his challenger, Third District City Councilor Lewis Wheeler.

There was no Democratic primary in Frankfort, though candidates do still have a couple ways to be slated on the November general election ballot before July 1, so McBarnes isn’t assured of another four years in office until then.

He says this election feels different than his first two, in part because he didn’t decide to run again until late last year. This term, he says, will help determine if his gamble of the last four years will pay off, and a large influx of city investment begins to bring up the overall fortunes of the town.

“If the formula works out the way we think it’s going to work out, and these amenities turn into more private investment, we could have more revenue to push the envelope and look at more major roadway projects, look at more amenities projects,” McBarnes says.

Wheeler, who’d fought several of McBarnes’ spending plans, says he’ll follow the will of the voters.

“I was the one no vote, didn’t agree with a lot of the development and the way the development is being handled," Wheeler says. "But a lot of people do agree with it and I respect that. So I’ll try to help this go smoothly.”

McBarnes is now slated to become the first-ever three-term mayor of Frankfort.