IN college readiness

Apr 16, 2012

Reports released Monday by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education are aimed at helping high schools identify ways to improve students’ college readiness.

The Commission’s college readiness reports look at Indiana’s 2010 high school graduating class. That includes how many went to college, what level of degrees they’re trying to earn and how many needed remediation.  Though the only data available is from students who went to public colleges or universities, the Commission is hoping to incorporate private schools next year. 

Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers says the information is meant to help schools learn more about how well-prepared students are as they leave high school.

“It looks at where students…their high school, where they go to college, how much remediation they need when they get there and what their grade point average is during that first year of college.”

About two-thirds of Indiana’s high school grads in 2010 enrolled in a post-secondary institution..and 31 percent of Hoosier high school graduates who went to an Indiana public college or university need remediation.

Lubbers says the information isn’t just for high schools –the process has to begin early on.

“What we’re really trying to do is, earlier, identify deficiencies so that they don’t leave high school in need of remediation.  But it’s a continuum from early childhood education all the way through job placement.”

The reports are available for the public to view at the Commission’s website.  They are broken down by each high school throughout the state.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.

You can find the reports HERE.