Common Theme At Senate Immigration Committee: Leave It To The Feds

Jun 16, 2016

Credit Noah Coffey /

Indiana’s Senate immigration study committee shifted its focus in its third meeting Wednesday to the impact of both legal and illegal immigration on the workforce. 

The committee heard testimony from a variety of sources: business organizations, immigration attorneys and people who’ve gone through the immigration process. And a common theme surfaced. 

Here’s Indianapolis immigration attorney Angela Adams:

“It’s largely up to the federal government to solve this quagmire of immigration policy.”

Mike Ripley from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce:

“It really has to be fixed…we’ve got to fix it at the federal level.”

Indiana Farm Bureau’s Katrina Hall:

“We believe immigration reform and immigration issues should be handled at the federal level.”

And from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Jon Baselice:

“I think the most important thing you could do is let the folks know – your House delegation in Washington and your Senate delegation in Washington – look, this problem needs to be solved.”

The study committee, which has three meetings remaining, is expected to submit a report to the full Senate before next session.