A Complex Problem: Frankfort Police To Ticket More Traffic Violators

Dec 11, 2019

A new city ordinance allows the Frankfort Police Department to start enforcing traffic violations within residential complexes.  

The new ordinance allows the police department to make traffic stops on private property.
Credit Stan Jastrzebski / WBAA

A state law passed in 2016 empowers municipal governments to address moving traffic violations on this type of property. Police Chief Troy Bacon says action was taken in Frankfort after the issue was raised at multiple community meetings by both residents and owners.

“Most of the traffic violations we enforce on public roads we cannot enforce on private roads," Bacon says. "And the specific Senate bill that was passed allows us to do that only when we get permission from the residential complex owner.”

Property owners must sign an enforcement contract with the police department and post signs notifying drivers of the rule. Bacon says about six complexes currently meet a 25-unit standard, including Wesley Manor, a retirement community he says non-resident drivers drive through as a shortcut.  

“They run stop signs, they speed through the complex, and up until the city ordinance was passed, we couldn’t do anything about that," Bacon says.

Bacon says while he won’t assign officers to remain at the properties for long periods of time, the department will work with property owners to identify and respond to specific issues, especially if they’re recurrent. The ordinance was crafted with the help of Lafayette Police Chief Pat Flannelly, whose department enforces a similar rule.