Concussion Study, Co-Led By Indiana University, Goes Global

Aug 31, 2019

Data from one of the largest concussion studies is now available to scientists around the world. 

The CARE study has collected data from nearly 40,000 student athletes and military service members from 30 different organizations. It analyzes brains before and after injury – including head impact, detailed imaging and neurobiological effects.

The project is co-led by the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Department of Psychiatry Chair Dr. Thomas McAllister says the data has been added to a global repository

"We now will be able to have the benefit of other investigators in the field being able to ask different questions or analyze the data in a different way," says McAllister. 

To date the trial has produced more than 30 different studies. The project was developed by the NCAA and the U.S. Department of Defense and has received millions in federal funding

McAllister says for many brain researchers it’s difficult to get this amount of data. He says sharing this information will advance brain injury study.

"In order to ask some of these interesting and important questions about what happens to the brain during a concussion and afterwards, one really needs to have large numbers," says McAllister. 

The research started in 2014.