Construction to begin soon on WL's new 3rd fire station

Mar 26, 2012

Progress is being made on a new fire station in West Lafayette, which will become the permanent station number three.

The temporary third fire station currently operates out of a remodeled parks building at Cumberland Park. Mayor John Dennis says this fire station will stand out from others in the city.

"And the design that we have for this fire station is somewhat unique. It's going to be iconic in the sense that it's going to blend in well with the structures that are currently in the research park, and it's also going to sort of set a new standard for fire stations in this community for the future."

He says in addition to providing an important service, fire stations are a focal point for the community. Dennis says the original plan was to temporarily operate station number three out of a revamped parks department barn.

"They spent about a half million dollars remodeling the parks barn, and the intent was to keep them there for a year or so. Well, five years later, we're now in a position where we're going to actually be able to permanently house them in a contemporary, modern fire station right across the street from its current location."

Construction of the facility is expected to begin in April, and should be finished around the end of the year.