Construction Wage Repeal Opponents Rally At Statehouse

Apr 13, 2015

Rallyers gather outside the Statehouse to oppose the bill that would repeal the common construction wage.
Credit Brandon Smith / IPBS

More than two thousand predominantly union workers and contractors filled the south lawn of the Statehouse, listening to industry leaders and lawmakers oppose a bill repealing the common wage law.

“Enough is enough! Just vote no,” the rallyers chanted.

Frank Marshall is the president of contracting company G. E. Marshall.  He describes himself as a lifelong Republican and says he regrets helping put GOP lawmakers in power at the Statehouse.

“They will not any longer get any financial support from me or my votes in the future,” Marshall says.

Force Construction President Harold Force says most of the support for repealing the common wage comes from people not involved in the construction industry.

“Whose knowledge of the means and methods of construction is secondhand at best.  The way I like to put it is, if you don’t spend time in the ocean, then you are not qualified to life as a fish,” Force says.

Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel), the bill’s author, says he doesn’t think the rally will impact the final vote.