Consumers Could Expect Increased Prices From Additional Tariffs On Chinese Goods

Jun 13, 2019

The U.S.-China trade war continues with President Donald Trump threatening to place 25 percent tariffs on more Chinese imports. However, businesses and economist warn consumers will be the ones paying.

The United States is a major importer of Chinese goods including luggage, clothing, electronics and many everyday products.

Purdue University agricultural economist Wally Tyner says household spending budgets will take a hit.

“If that 25 percent across the board tariff goes into effect, all those goods will go up 25 percent,” says Tyner. “And the estimate is that in that case, the average household could be hit by as much as $2,000 a year, straight out of your pocketbook.”

Some businesses say they were able to absorb the costs of the previous tariffs, but warn that will not be the case if the tariffs increase again. Some might have to look at cutting production and, in turn, laying off workers.