Cordova: Purdue employees must report cases of child abuse

Nov 22, 2011

All Purdue employees have the responsibility to do what's right to keep those who work, study, and visit the university safe. That's the message from President France Cordova in response to the ongoing scandal at Penn State.

Cordova sent a brief email message to all employees saying everyone should report child abuse or neglect they witness or have knowledge of. She says in an emergency situation, that can be done by calling 911.

When it's not an immediate emergency, employees should alert a senior staff member along with the university police or Child Protective Services. Purdue also has a Whistleblower hotline through which anyone can call in a report or submit it online anonymously.

Cordova says she met with senior administrators this week to evaluate Purdue's policies, practices, and training for recognizing and reporting such abuse. One outcome is a future requirement for all employees to complete an online training module about recognizing and reporting child abuse.