Dementia Awareness Event Explores Music Therapy

May 15, 2019

At a panel discussion held during “Memory Day” at Conner Prairie museum in Fishers, Butler University Professor Tim Brimmer talked about his research that has focused on the use of music for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  

In 2016, the Indiana State Department of Health funded his study that created personalized playlists for patients.  

That work led to continued research out of Butler. Brimmer says his current project is focused on how earwax buildup or cerumen, can lead to hearing loss.  He says Medicare and Medicaid could cover more procedures. 

"Hearing screening or cerumen irrigation," says Brimmer. "They don’t, and we’d like to help them see the benefit in changing that."

The event was also part of a larger statewide effort to make more public places compatible for people with dementia. 

Brimmer says they are also working with other universities interested in this area of research.