Demonstrators Protest Young Tax Vote Outside Indianapolis Office

Dec 5, 2017

A small group of demonstrators were turned away from U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.)’s Indianapolis office Tuesday as they sought to protest the GOP lawmaker’s vote on the Senate tax bill. They describe themselves as frustrated but undeterred.

The protest of Young’s vote on the tax overhaul was born out of a Facebook group discussion, says organizer Kendra Wilcox.

“A lot of women were saying, I want to talk to my senator, I want to talk to my congresspeople, but I’ve never done it before and I don’t want to do it alone,” Wilcox says. “So, I said, I’ll go with you. And that’s how this event was born.”

The demonstrators stood outside the federal courthouse with signs, sending in a few people at a time to talk to Young’s office.

Tom Sullivan is a protester who went to the senator’s office with a few others, but was turned away and told the office didn’t have the staff to “facilitate talking to constituents.”

“Sometimes, Todd’s staff does go out of their way to talk to us, and sometimes, it’s like they’ve erected a different version of Trump’s wall, and it’s between Todd and the people of Indiana,” Sullivan says.

Sullivan says despite being rebuffed, he believes Young has to either listen to his constituents’ concerns, or become a one-term senator.

The senator’s office issued a statement in response to protesters’ claims they had been turned away:

“Senator Young’s Indianapolis staff met in person with approximately 20 constituents Tuesday. No one was turned away. We are committed to hearing the comments and concerns of all Hoosiers and welcome anyone wishing to speak with a member of Senator Young’s staff to contact our office.”