'Die In' Protest Held In Indianapolis Ahead Of Senate Vote

Jun 28, 2017

More than 50 people gathered outside Republican U.S. Senator Todd Young’s Indianapolis office today for what’s known as a “die in.”  The protest centered on the Republican health care bill.

The group held painted grave markers and laid down on the side walk outside Young’s downtown office building.

Catherine Osborne drove from South Bend to be at the event. She’s worried about the future of Medicaid.

“It covers half of all births in this country, it covers the severely disabled, the elderly, indigent and children, these are people that need medical care and I can’t understand why a pro-life Republican would be voting to take it away from them,” says Osborne.

In a statement Senator Young’s spokesman says he continues to consider the input of all Hoosiers. Staffers were out talking with protesters. That includes Alexandra Penn, who says she’d like to see more cooperation.

“Ideally we’d love to see the Republicans cross party lines work with Democrats to really repair the current health plan,” says Penn.

She’d like to see the Affordable Care Act repaired not repealed.

“I think we all know there are problems with the ACA, and we’d like to see those addressed,” says Penn.

A vote on the bill has been delayed until after the July 4 holiday.