Drug Abuse Task Force To Consider Indiana-centric Addiction Hotline

Jan 29, 2016

Credit Pulpolux / https://www.flickr.com/photos/pulpolux/151179802

Indiana is exploring expansion of its addiction hotline and developing a more Indiana-centric program that will help the state in its battle against drug abuse. The governor’s drug abuse task force Friday discussed progress in exploring such a move.

Indiana’s addiction hotline, which serves Hoosiers looking for help with substance abuse, problem gambling and consumer services, is run by a national firm that serves multiple states. 

State officials are exploring the establishment of an Indiana-specific hotline.  Options include contracting with a private vendor or using state employees to staff the 24-7 service. 

Department of Child Services Deputy Chief of Staff Luke Bosso says an Indiana-only hotline could provide the state with valuable data that it can’t necessarily access when using a multi-state hotline.

“We’d also be able to drill down on the specific types of substance abuse,” Bosso says. “If a county in southern Indiana was fighting one drug but a county in the northern part of the state was fighting a different one, it would allow us to see all the numbers associated with that.”

Bosso says the state also wants to expand the hotline beyond just a phone number – it’s hoping to develop texting and social media capabilities.

The state’s contract with the national hotline vendor is $92,000 a year.  Officials say they don’t know yet what the cost of an Indiana-specific hotline would be.  The current contract with the national vendor runs through the end of 2016.