Education Funding And COVID-19 In Indiana's Schools

Apr 23, 2021

The latest state budget proposal was introduced last night, and Republicans are calling it a win for education funding.

Today we talk about the budget proposal, and find out how the money might impact things like teacher pay in addition to the COVID-19 relief funding the state is also receiving from the federal government.

While on the topic of school during the pandemic, we also talk about a study focused on how COVID-19 can spread in in-person school settings. Later in the show, we talk to the hosts of a podcast called "Defending Indiana" about how the podcast came to be and what it's like to do comedy in Indiana.

Produced by Mariam Sobh.


Jeanie Lindsay
Education Reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Micah Pollack
Associate Professor of Economics, School of Business & Economics at Indiana University Northwest; Director, Center for Economic Education & Research

Dr. Gabriel Bosslet
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Department of Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep and Occupational Medicine at Indiana University

Janice Rodriguez
Host and Comedian, Defending Indiana Podcast

Colleen Brennan
Host and Comedian, Defending Indiana Podcast