Enrollment Spikes As Public Exchange Enters Final Month

Dec 23, 2015

Credit courtesy Healthcare.gov

The number of people enrolled for health insurance from the public exchange is up this year. About 175,000 of those are Hoosiers. 

Sylvia Burwell says about 2 million more people are enrolled this year nationwide.

Burwell says about 8 million more people are enrolled this year nationwide.This number is from 6.4 million last year.

She says enrollment traffic jumped sharply last week.

"At our busiest period, we had 11 consumers enrolling every second," she says.

The deadline was extended to accommodate traffic.

Chris Schrader runs a human resources firm in Bloomington. He says the biggest concern right now is not how many people have signed up, but who is enrolled

"If we do not have a pretty substantial percentage of young, healthy, non-health providing consumers in there, propping that up," he says, "then you are going to end up with a really adverse mix from an insurance standpoint."

Just over 2 million of the new enrollees are under the age of 35. This is one million more than this time last year.

Enrollment continues through January 31.