Farm Bill Gives Funds For Opioid Treatment Through Telemedicine

Jun 18, 2018

Besides support for farmers and agricultural efforts, the recently passed Farm Bill also addresses the opioid epidemic in rural communities.

Funds to increase telemedicine treatment and training options will be available through the bill. 

Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) worked to address the lack of addiction treatment options.

"Part of the Farm Bill is not only addressing crop issues but also addressing rural life," he says.

Providers in Indiana have been able to use the treatment option since 2017, but many have yet to incorporate the care. It allows patients to receive some medical services through technology like video conferencing.

"The Methodist hospitals and the Northwestern Memorial hospitals and the Riley Children’s hospitals don’t tend to be in our rural communities," Donnelly says. 

Another part of the bill will provide loans and grants to establish more treatment centers in rural areas. Agricultural communities in Indiana have been hard hit by the opioid epidemic.