Farm Bureau's July Fourth Barbecue Grocery Index Dips Again

Jul 3, 2017

The cost of an Independence Day picnic’s worth of groceries continued to drop in Indiana this year, as part of a race to the bottom in the prices of competing food products.

The Indiana Farm Bureau tracks the cost of different sets of grocery items throughout the year. For July Fourth, it’s a 10-person barbecue – hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs, watermelon and other sides, plus drinks and condiments.

It all costs $51.50 this year, down 35 cents from last year and about 75 cents from 2014.

Farm Bureau vice president Isabella Chism says that’s due in part to low production costs and excess supplies in the meat industry.

“But then what you also get into is a little competitiveness between the animal proteins,” she says. “So if the beef prices are down, which is the case right now, then the pork prices will tend to come down just about as much as they can bear, just so that you don’t overlook that source.”

Indiana’s July Fourth groceries cost a little less than the national average, $55.70.

Chism says Indiana farmers grow ingredients for almost everything in the meal.