Firefighter, EMT training program coming to Jeff H.S.

Jan 10, 2013

The Lafayette School Corporation and the city’s fire department are partnering on a firefighter and EMT training program for high school juniors and seniors.

Students taking part would spend half their school day learning the necessary skills for such a career. Fire Chief Richard Doyle says a similar curriculum is offered at other Indiana high schools.

He says Ivy Tech is part of the effort too, allowing students to earn dual credits.

"When they get out of high school, they still have a couple years before they're 21. They can go to Ivy Tech if they wish and pursue an associate's degree in Fire Science, or they can use these credits towards something else they want to pursue."

Indiana law sets a minimum age of 21 for firefighters.

Doyle says members of his staff will conduct the training and he hopes to collect donations to cover some of the program’s other costs.

The courses will begin in the fall semester at Jefferson High School. Juniors and seniors at McCutcheon and Harrison high schools may be allowed into the program, depending on the availability of space.