Global Tech Firm Announces Expanded Indiana Jobs Plans

Apr 26, 2018

Global tech firm Infosys announced Thursday it will create more Hoosier jobs than originally planned – now 3,000 in total at its North American training center, based in Indianapolis.

Vice President Mike Pence attended the announcement after a central Indiana political event on tax reform was postponed until after the state’s May primary election.

Pence still used the occasion to tout President Trump’s tax reform effort, citing the Infosys jobs commitment as an example of the reform’s success.

“Once again, Indiana’s proving this is a new day in America," Pence says. "It’s a new day for opportunities for working families and small businesses.”

Gov. Eric Holcomb says Infosys is helping make Indiana a tech hub.

“This is going to be a multi-generational impact not just for our great capital city, Mayor, but for in fact the whole state of Indiana,” Holcomb says.

Infosys plans to break ground this year on its U.S. Education Center on Indianapolis’ southwest side.