Global Tech Firm Bringing Jobs, Training, Education To Indiana

May 2, 2017

Global tech firm Infosys will bring 2,000 jobs to Indiana in what Gov. Eric Holcomb calls a “game-changing announcement.”

Infosys plans to open four hubs across the U.S. in the next few years, hiring 10,000 Americans. One of those hubs – and 2,000 of those jobs – will be in Indiana. Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka says the company’s plans are aimed at stressing local hiring as it adjusts to a constantly evolving tech world,

“Having employees from the community working in close proximity to the clients, co-innovating the future,” Sikka says.

Sikka adds that Indiana’s business environment – and the dedication from Holcomb’s team – helped sell his company on the decision to locate here.

“The universities, great clients – we have some amazing manufacturing companies, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, insurance and financial services companies here,” Sikka says.

Holcomb says the Infosys announcement is a credit to the work Indiana’s done in trying to connect to the global economy.

“This is building our ecosystem that attracts jobs that maybe never would have given Middle America or the Heartland a look,” Holcomb says.

Sikka says Infosys plans to create training facilities in Indiana and invest in computer science education for elementary and high school students.

Indiana University President Michael McRobbie says he’s excited about the partnerships it can form with Infosys to deliver that education.

“Because it’s really important to get them when they’re young so that they’re really accustomed to that style of work by the time they get into university,” McRobbie says.

Holcomb says the company’s goal to help create a better skilled workforce will help all of Indiana.

“Making sure that our students at a much earlier age are starting to master the STEM disciplines,” Holcomb says.

The state will provide Infosys with up to $31 million in financial incentives, with that money paid out once the jobs are created.