Grant Supports Increased Access To Addiction Treatment

May 30, 2019

Two Indiana health organizations will partner to connect more people with “medication-assisted treatment,” or MAT for opioid addiction. 

MAT prescribes both medication, like methadone or suboxone, and counseling and therapy.  It is widely accepted as an effective way toward recovery.

Deputy director of research at Prevention Insights at Indiana University, Jon Agley says a limited number of places currently offer this treatment in Indiana.

"For many people that can be a significant barrier, there are many counties where you have to leave the county to get enrolled in a MAT program with methadone," says Agley. 

A $1.57 million federal grant will allow the IU research center to partner with Franciscan Alliance to evaluate and expand MAT into more hospitals in Marion and Lake counties.

Agley says Prevention Insights will assess and advise Franciscan on how best to integrate MAT into existing systems.  

"If a client or patient is involved in that system and they have opioid use disorder, now they don’t necessarily have to be referred out somewhere else," says Agley.

The project goes through 2022.