Hammond Mayor Considering Challenging John Gregg

Aug 11, 2015

McDermott says if he enters the race, he'll play up his executive experience as mayor -- he's running for his fourth term in this year's election.
Credit City of Hammond

One potential candidate for governor needs to get through this year's elections first.

Thomas McDermott, Jr. hasn't been mentioned much in gubernatorial discussions since announcing he'd run for a fourth term as mayor of Hammond. But he never ruled out back-to-back races, and says he's still pondering what his next political step should be.

McDermott had said he wouldn't run if one of the candidates already running took firm control of the race.

But state school superintendent Glenda Ritz is now out of the race and Portage Senator Karen Tallian have struggled to raise money. A

nd while former House Speaker John Gregg outraised Republican Governor Mike Pence in the first half of the year, McDermott argues most of it has come from organized labor.

He says a winning nominee needs to appeal to a broader base. McDermott boasts he's never lost an election, and notes he'd be the only Democratic candidate with executive experience. He echoes other Democrats in accusing Republicans of hoarding a $2 billion surplus for its own sake instead of spending it on needs like the road and bridge repairs he says his city and others need.

Former Evan Bayh chief of staff Tom Sugar is also considering a run and says he expects to make a decision next month.