Hate Crimes Bill Dies On Senate Floor Without Vote

Feb 27, 2017

Indiana is one of five states without a hate crimes law. That will continue for at least another year.

Monday morning, Indianapolis’ Jewish Community Center was evacuated after a bomb threat, making Indiana one of 11 states to experience such threats at Jewish centers in the last 24 hours.

Less than seven hours later, a bill to enhance penalties for such crimes died on the Senate floor.

Bill author Sen. Sue Glick (R-LaGrange) didn’t call the bill onto the floor for amendments – and because the deadline to do so was Monday, the bill can’t advance this session.

In a statement, she says she couldn’t find consensus on the measure’s path forward. That comes amidst significant opposition from religious conservative groups.

Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) admonished his colleagues on the Senate floor.

“I’m very sorry that we couldn’t find the courage in this body to take this matter up… I guess we’ll say again, ‘Maybe next year,’” Lanane says.

Glick says she will work to revive the bill next session.